The so called ragging case in JNU

JNU has an year famed record of Ragging free campus. This year the record broke. The ragging thing adds with the MCA students from the School of Computer & Systems Sciences.

What is JNUMCA??

A common graduate Indian student having an aspiration of pursuing MCA, has a dream of studying this course in the world famed university, JNU. They give JNU, the first priority over other institutes/universities such as Jamia, Delhi University and NITs. What a student feels when he/she clears an MCA entrance exam?, can be seen from a JNUMCA entrance qualified student.

Unfortunately, these poor students are never aware of the fact that is suffered by the students in JNUMCA. They are having a dream of getting at least 5 lakh CTC per annum after completing his is/her MCA here. Well…what is the fact then?? and why outer world is having an ignorance??

Firstly, let’s throw a light to the life of JNUMCA students. A common student of JNUMCA hails generally from Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand or Madhya Pradesh. Generally, the students from poor background leave no stone unturned for clearing the JNUMCA entrance because they know that this is the platform where they can survive their 3 years of MCA in a proper environment. The word ‘environment’ in the previous sentence makes sense because JNU provides merit-cum-means scholarship to these poor students unlike any other university/institute. The fee-structure per semester is too nominal for every student to pay.

The fresher students in JNUMCA gets full chance to enjoy in this heaven. When they reach in 2nd year,they have a lot of pressure, not only of the toughest curriculum but also of the various other activities they do on their own like the annual national level technical festival TECHNOPHILIA, Alumni Meet etc. Some of them have a responsibility of being the School’s convenor, counsellors, SFCs etc. When they reach in final year, this year becomes much crucial because this determines their whole life’s destiny; they have to work for their placement. A placement committee of five students for the same is formed among them which takes care of the placement of their whole batch. Whole procedure is taken care of by them. If you ask, any one of them, they will certainly tell you ‘we are learning something before hand’. So, in such a hard scenario, a student gets rusticated for a certain period , breaks their hope, spirit, and determination towards his/her family. He/She becomes out of control, their lives begin to suck.

The so-called Ragging incident: 12th of August (Wednesday), 2009

The incident occured in Sabarmati Hostel of JNU, which is having two separate wings of girls and boys both. People who are not aware of JNU environment, will feel it unjust but it’s a fact in JNU that girls are allowed in boys hostels at least in daytime (Vice versa is not true). Girls/Boys are free to roam anywhere 24*7. The incident occured in Room# 43, which belonged to Mr. Mahesh Giri, the 3rd yr. MCA student. FYI, there is no class after lunch in SC&SS for all MCAs on Wednesday, but there is seminar from 03:00pm -05:00pm (if notified, otherwise it’s an empty slot), that’s why two Sabarmati MCA guys, Dushyant and Iqubal (Mahesh’s batchmates) gathered in his room after lunch unaware of what would happen with them in a few minutes. The former came for discussing about the GATE coaching etc. and was reading newspaper at that time and the later was doing some internet work (JNU campus is not wi-fi enabled or hostel rooms are not connected with LANs, an student has to purchase internet on his own, of course every jnuiite can’t).

A fresher student named Ms. Sneh Srivastava knows him (Mahesh) as he is the friend of her brother. Sneh along with two of her batchmates (One boy and a girl) reached Mahesh’s room after lunch (about 02:35pm) to discuss something called “Seminars” (damnn! First time it came in MCA class schedule…) and their course. At that time, two pass-out MCA students came to take their baggage and were outside the room talking to Ravi (Dushyant’s roommate and unfortunately a JNUMCA student too) who was there to take some soap etc. After just 2-3 minutes, ‘Anti Ragging Squad’ knocks the door, Mahesh says ‘Get in’ and they broke into the room (The room was not closed from inside…if ragging was being done, it happened to be closed).

Next 15 minutes: One of the official addresses Mahesh, ‘yahan ragging ho rahi hai!! aaplog 3rd sem. Ke hain???'(Ragging is going on here!! Are you guys from 3rd sem??) Mahesh replied that they were from 5th sem. and nothing like ragging was going on there. One of the lady in the squad told the fresher girls ,“tumhaare ma baap kuch bolte nahin hain, yahaan ladkon ke bedroom me baithi ho”. (What are you doing in a boy’s bedroom, Your parents don’t tell you anything!!) Does JNU provide several room to a particular guy(bedroom, reading room, dinning room etc…lolzz :)) They took frehers to a separate room for investigation. One of the person from the squad unplugged the internet cable and told,’Dukaan bana rakha hai yaha??'(Have you people opened up a shop here??) The seniors tried to explain but one of the officers took Mahesh’s collar and threw him to the bed. After listening these things the students outside the room tried to enter the room to know what was going on. As they came there..officer asked the pass-out students,aaplog bhi MCA me hain??'(Are you people also from MCA??). They replied that they have finished their MCA this year and had come to take their baggage from Mahesh’s room. The officer said,’Kabhi to MCA kiya tha na…andar aao! Tumhari degree hum banwate hain!!’(Come in! You have done MCA any certain year..isn’t it?? We will provide you your degrees!!) Ravi told that he was there to take a soap only and nothing else, officers gave no ears to them. They took down their names and noted recent call lists from their cellphones.

Other side of investigation on the same day: The squad took the frehers to a separate room and told,’jo bhi tumhare saath hua hai..hame bata do’, (Tell us whatever has happened with you.) The freshers repeatedly told them the fact that nothing like ragging was happening…they were there for just discussing about seminars etc. Sneh also told them that Mahesh is her brother’s friend. Her brother advised her to ask Mahesh in case of any help. Other two students also supported her. But they (SQUAD) pressurized the fresher’s to write that ragging happened with them, but daring mature students wrote the fact only.

After this incident, three of those frieghtened MCA seniors, Mahesh, Dushyant and Iqubal came to my room and Dushyant told me, ‘farzi me barbaad ho gaye yar!! Pata nahi kya hoga??’ Ghar se aaye do din bhi nahi huye aur ye sab ho gaya !(We are ruined without any cause, God knows , what will happen??, even two days have not passed since i came from home and all this happened.!) I gave them water and enquired of the incident. I called a few batchmates also from different hostels to discuss what could be done in that scene. After that we rushed to our school for talking to our DEAN. But She was in a hurry to go somewhere and after 05:00 pm, the school’s office was closed, so we didn’t have any talk.

Episode’s hero: Mr. Balbir Chand

Who is this guy?? If you are aware of the newspapers, and media you must have come through this name. If not, let me introduce him. This guy took admission in JNUMCA this year and according to him he was being ragged for past ten days.He is the complainant who lodged (or forced to lodge) an FIR also against a few students in the nearby Vasant Vihar police station, New Delhi. The noticeable fact is that his sister is a lawyer in New Delhi.

Next day : 13th August, 2009

After spending a sleepless night, this morning the MCA guys came to know that Balbir along with his sister has come to SC&SS. Whole 2nd yr. and 3rd yr. MCA students pleaded his sister for not playing with those four students’ carrier and lives. But, in vain, She went to each official, telling everyone that her brother was ragged and to save him. She also went to meet the Vice-chancellor at the Administrative block, JNU. One Ph.D. Student of SC&SS, also came to talk to her when she asked him, ‘tumhara naam bhi ragging me hai??’ (Are you also listed in Ragging??). Hours passed, students continued waiting at the AD Block with a hope that Balbir’s sister would show some heart to the innocent ones. Media persons came there, entered Ad block to make news, students still were outside…they were not allowed to enter.

On the same day, the Sabarmati MCA guys were notified to leave the hostel immediately without listening their side. I went to a nearby temple along with two of my friends in Munirka Village to pray for well and good. Those students didn’t know at that time what has been charged to them and what was their offence. They simply did what they had been instructed to do.

14th August, 2009:

Newspapers and news channels higlighted the news that ragging virus has caught JNU too. They wrote that ragging was on when Antiragging squad caught them ‘red-handed’. They also added that they (The ARS) found the freshers in Murga position…some wrote that they were sitting with their heads bowed down. Not a single media stream wrote what exactly the scene was, noone asked the fresher’s who were at that site. Whole nation was shocked with the news.

Mahesh and other victims got several calls from media persons to know what had happened exactly, but the panic struck students had a fear and they refused to meet because they had a faith on administration for justice and they didn’t want admin to know that they were taking help of media in their defence.

All four Sabarmati guys were called by the chief proctor at the AD block for investigation. They went and told whatever the truth was. Sneh and her batchmates were also investigated individually. Balbir and his sister were present there on Ad block.

15th August, 2009:

The Sabarmati Hostel president Mr. Vijay Pal called an urgent Hostel GBM on 15th August, 2009. These things, i am presenting here (a copy-paste) from Mr. Vikas Gupta’s blog . He is a resident of the Sabarmati Hostel and attended the GBM too. Since, this was a hostel GBM, only hostel members were allowed to attend the same (i was not there). The lines he wrote:

There was anger among Sabarmati residents over the way the JNU administration had handled the case that had led to the Sabarmati hostel’s name and reputation being besmirched.

The accused had presented their side of the story and narrated that JNU administration and anti-Ragging committee had behaved unfairly and unethically. Many residents spoke on the issue including those who had witnessed the ‘raid’.

The minutes of the meeting follow [it was signed by 78 boys and girls of the hostel]. It was sent to the Vice Chancellor and copies of it were sent to the Dean, JNUSU and others.

Letter to the JNU VC by Sabarmati Community


The Vice Chancellor
Jawaharlal Nehru University
New Delhi

Sub:- Outcome of GBM held in Sabarmati Hostel after reported incidence of ragging.

We would like to put the minutes of our Hostel GBM under your kind consideration which was held on 15.08.2009. After the raid of anti-ragging squad the peaceful atmosphere of the hostel was disturbed and various types of rumors were arose which forced us to call a GBM do discuss various issues regarding ragging.

The residents of Sabarmati Hostel feels that four accused who were caught red handed while involving in ragging as claimed by anti-ragging squad, are innocent and there was some misunderstanding. We are enclosing minutes of that GBM under your kind consideration. Kindly consider views of the GBM in all pending inquiry in this matter.

Thanking You,

Sincerely Yours,
Hostel Committee
Sabarmati Hostel

1.    Minutes of the GBM endorsed by present residents of Sabarmati Hostel
2.    Mess Rebate acknowledgement slip of two of accused

(i)    Dean of Students, JNU
(ii)    Chief Proctor, JNU
(iii)    Anti Ragging Squad, JNU
(iv)    All Sr. Wardens, JNU
(v)    JNUSU


Minutes of the GBM of Sabarmati Hostel, JNU held on 15.08.2009. [some names have been acronymized]

1.   An unfortunate and shocking incidence happened in Sabarmati Hostel on 12.08.2009 in which few MCA students (Resident of Sabarmati Hostel) were caught “red handed” while ragging their junior students as claimed by anti-ragging squad. A four member committee was formed in Sabarmati Hostel comprising of Vikas Gupta ,Shashi Bhushan Ojha , Laxminarayan Meena , Jyotikant Boi  in consultation with the hostel committee. This four member committee was given task to do some ground level work and help in maintaining rumour free atmosphere in the hostel. On the basis of preliminary inquiry of this committee GBM was called by the hostel president.

2.    The three member committee was given mandate in the GBM. All the present residents expressed their solidarity against any kind of ragging if happened in the campus. They decided they will help administration to curb the menace of ragging.

3.    After this incidence of raid, news flashed in the media which not only shocked the entire JNU community but also gave a severe jolt to the prestige of JNU. The GBM took the view of four MCA students who are accused of ragging. These were the facts/views arises after discussion with accused MCA students:-

(i)  All residents were disagreeing about the media rumours and complain of junior MCA student that ragging was going on since past ten days in Sabarmati Hostel (before 12/08/09). If it was true, residents must have been known about ragging and informed Wardens of the hostel.

(ii) MCA 1st semester student claimed that ragging was going on since past ten days. The two accused Mr M and Mr. were not in the campus during the claimed period. Mr.  was on mess rebate from 03/08/09-06/08/09 and joined hostel mess on 9th Aug. 09 after two days of his coaching. Mr. D was on rebate from 30/07/09-10/08/09 and joined hostel mess on 11th Aug. 09. Mess Manager of Sabarmati Hostel has record of all these in diet register. This clearly shows that these two residents were not involved in ragging which was going on for past ten days (As claimed by 1st semester MCA student).

(iii)    Now coming to the incidence of raid of anti-ragging squad. The four accused who were caught by the squad told the house (GBM) that they were not involved in any kind of ragging at the time of raid. They were just sitting in the room #43 of Sabarmati Hostel with their juniors and discussing some study topics.

(iv)    Even three junior students of MCA 1st semester (who were sitting in the same room #43) refused in front of anti-ragging squad that they have been ragged. They clearly mentioned that they came to meet their seniors for course/seminar discussion. Few residents of Sabarmati Hostel (excluding accused) are witness of all those conversation at the time of raid.

(v) It is especially noteworthy to mention the fact that one, Miss S. S. (1st Semester, MCA) who was present at room no #43 at the time of raid is sister of friend of one of the accused (M). She met Mr. M in brother’s friend capacity (she mentioned this in front of anti-ragging squad). So no question of ragging arises with friend’s sister.

(vi) One accused Mr. R who was just standing in the corridor at the time of raid is also claimed to be involved in the ragging. It is not only shocking but also hurting that Mr. R has been accused because he is an MCA student and a resident of Sabarmati Hostel.

4.    On the basis of above views it doesn’t seems that those four students were involved in ragging either in past or on 12/08/09.

5.   The house especially mentioned about personal behaviour of all four accused in past few years. They all bear a good moral character and never involved in any kind of bad activity. They never disrespect any resident of the hostel and always treat all the residents respectfully. So house doesn’t believe that these students might be involved in ragging rather feels they have been caught just because of misunderstanding.

6.    House feels that these four accused students must be given opportunity to put their words before administration rather convicting them by media and whole JNU community. House demands same from the administration.

7.    As proctor level is inquiry is pending, the hostel eviction order may be reconsidered as these students belong to very ground level economic background. House demand for the same from the administration.

8.    House demand fair inquiry in this matter and carrier of these bright students shouldn’t be allowed to be ruined.

9.    At last President and hostel committee expressed their greetings for Independent Day and gave vote of thanks to all the present residents for showing their solidarity against menace of ragging.

This was signed by 78 residents (Boys and Girls).

Poor Students thought it would work a little in their favour. But, the cruel administration was incorrigible. In addition to these four students (from MCA 5th sem.), 20 students from MCA 3rd sem got notice of investigation to be held on the next day (16/08/09). The MCA community terriffied but they were taking it easy for the reason that they were not guilty.

16th August, 2009 (Sunday):

Among the 2nd year students who were notified for investigation, there were 5 girls also. The ridiculous thing is that one of those five was suffering with a fracture in her leg from july and she was at her home, when she was called for the same. The administration didn’t take it seriously. Anyways, they were called…and only two out of total 20 were investigated. Rest of them were just sitting oustside. Administration didn’t look into their side…didn’t ask anything to them. They were not even aware of the whole picture running inside. About 01:30pm they were set free to go.

17-18th August, 2009:Another Side of the story

The first yr. MCA students except Balbir dared to give a testimonial to every official authority including wardens in all hostels, saying that no ragging had happened and they want that natural justice should be given to their seniors. Seniors took a deep breathe upon coming to know the same. They realized that everyone was in favour of them except Balbir. Unfortunately, this initiative taken by 1st yr. students didn’t work because the blind admin listened only one guy. They thought all these were done by the freshers coming under pressure of their seniors. Damnnit, they don’t even know that the person who enters a post graduate course is a mature adult and has his/her own mind to know good or bad. (How the hell they are in working in JNU!!??) When all others are saying from the very beginning that they were not ragged at come this pressure thing came??

On 18th, in the evening, Mahesh got a call to reach at AD block and to inform everyone. Dushyant broke into tears in trouble that something wrong happened certainly. Students went there and got Show-cause notices  which were to be submitted individually latest by 05:00pm ,the next day(19th). Within a few minutes, we came to know that fifteen 2nd year students had also got the same notice. Have a look on one of those:

Showcause notice to Mahesh
Showcause notice to Mahesh

19th August, 2009: (The Black day arrives)

Students thought that they have got the right to speak the truth, collecting all evidences in favour of them, and preparing the reply to the showcause well, they submitted the thing in between 04:15pm -05:00pm. Some attached their mess rebate proofs, railway reservation ticket, medical prescriptions etc. in support of their innocense. They had only one thing in mind that they were not guilty in any sense , and the faith of natural justice. Everyone went out of the Administrative block with a peaceful mind. I also, took a small nap, right then when i got a call (about 06:00pm)from one of my friend, Sunil Kori,’Kahan ho…news suna??'(Where are you, did you get the news??), i replied in negative and then he told me to come outside of my hostel. His tone was making me disturbed from my core, i just moved outside the hostel and he said,”NDTV par news flash ho raha hai…19 logo ko punish kiya gaya hai!chalo jaldi!!”(news is being flsahed on NDTV, 19 students have been punished!! Com’on , look sharp!!) I was shocked, i didn’t believe, how could it be possible?? I asked, “Kahan hai sab, kuchh letter wagerah mila hai kya?”(Where are those[mahesh and all], have they got some official letters or what?). He told how can it possible if they had submitted the replies half an hour ago. We rushed to Mr. Pushpesh Pant’s House to know the fact. I found most of 2nd and 3rd yr. Students there before hand. Unfortunately, he was unavailable to clarify the news. We went to one more official (Name..i don’t remember!) and he told that this news was quite right. 9 students had been declared out of bound from the university, and 10 expelled from their hostels for one year. After hearing these, the students were like dead. Some lost their controls when they received calls from their parents. They had nothing left to say, the false belief was broken, they were in deep trouble, seemed helpless, skipped their meals, they lost their sleep also.

We called an urgent meeting of 2nd and 3rd yr. Students, decided to tell the media the actual truth because, administration had declared us a ragger in the society, so the world should know the fact about our innocense.

20th August, 2009:

Whole nation came to know this thing via newspapers and channels. ‘JNU prashasan ka Ragging ke khilaf ek sakht kadam’ kind of lines, i read! People thought us as real culprits. Even in the mess, MCA students were being seen like offender. At 10:00am, i reached at ad block, where students were waiting to get their official orders(reluctantly, though). Mahesh somehow managed to know that the letters will be provided after 03:00pm. Meanwhile, I was busy attending calls from several of my friends from corners of India, they used to ask,”Tu thik to hai??(Are you alright??), ragging huyi thi kya?? (had ragging happened??), 19 log bahut hote hain yar, hua kaise ye sab?? (19 students..such a big number, how did it happen??), itna bada punishment kyu mila??(Why such a harsh punishment??)”.

Final cruel notice
Final cruel notice

It took me long to satisfy their queries. Anyways, we still waited there, and the cruel time came, when 19 students got their official orders as a punishment to what they didn’t do. Among 10 students, there were 3 girls also. Moreover, after a day or two, we came to know that the two pass-outs also had been declared out of bounds for 5 years. Toll reached, 21.

Freshers (MCA 1st yr.) speak:

The decision came, The following poster was pasted on JNU walls which contained fresher’s statements along with 2nd yr and 3rd year students plea. Three freshers who were present at the site (Sabarmati 43) also gave their statements and can be seen here. It says,‘Save the career of Students’. The MCA community went for mess campaigning also to make mass aware of their side.


From now onwards , the word  ‘we’ will refer to the ‘whole MCA community except Balbir’.

So much so, we went for mess campaigning for the first time in JNUMCA history, spoke everything which was not revealed earlier. People came in front and tried to support as they can which could be seen in the candle light protest march we made. Following are the snaps :

Candle -light Silent protest march
Candle -light Silent protest march

A huge JNU student community participated in the Peace Preocession. Black ribbon can be seen tied on the white clothes. We started it from Ganga Dhaba (dhabas are one of those things by which JNU is known) and moving on to every hostel, finally reaching Chandrabhaga (The last hostel).

Candle-light Silent Protest March
Candle-light Silent Protest March

The march was led by 1st year students. It comprised more than 300 JNUites, what a regular Mashal procession by the political parties comprises no more than 100.  Finally, many students contributed their signatures in support of us.  But, till then, we didn’t get any stand of our political parties which are existing in JNU due to students only and nothing else.

There is much more offline things to write…i will update them as soon as i get time…The struggle begins…!


    1. It seems that you always believe print and electronic media … with out knowing the facts you can’t judge the verdict . So it’ll be better , enhance your knowledge base and then open your mouth to speak .

  1. I usually don’t post on Blogs but ya forced me to, great info.. excellent! … I’ll add a backlink and bookmark your site.

  2. i just say one thing ..jnu is my aim certainly make my future…but dont try to be more smarter…dan my respected university by presenting so called “aadha aadhura sach””the half truth” ,. “half truth is always worst”.
    waise mai yahan kisi ki life ke sath khelne nahe aaaya..mai apne life banane aaaya hun….so no discussion …further …mai yahan
    “c””comp language” ki guthiyaan samajhne aaya hun na ki …gade murde ukharne …

    1. Kussum, thanks!
      umm…months passed and everything’s peachy now. You can find the latest from internet.
      i am not finding time to update, but AFAIK, people have done good in their lives despite all these.

  3. there is no smoke without fire.
    if you expect people to believe what you’ve just said in this post
    then you are sadly mistaken

    1. Dear elnino,
      your ip says you are a jnuiite, and then there is no point in showing you!
      If you are not, then again, i cant change ya!

  4. Mr. Balbir Chand…hmmm….Is this the same guy who has been caught in the MMS Scandal along with two other guys in blackmailing a girl few days back ?

  5. Respected Mr Balbeer Singh…

    Just look back on your sentence if you are hearing from some where.

    “waise mai yahan kisi ki life ke sath khelne nahe aaaya..mai apne life banane aaaya hun….so no discussion …further …mai yahan
    “c””comp language” ki guthiyaan samajhne aaya hun …”

    You Got what you deserve…..

    Ek Muhabra yad aa gaya…

    “Uper wale ke yaha der hai per andher nahi hai”

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