…and they say you have no life

Get up from bed, go meet relatives, be social for christ’s sake, damnn this internet, shut your laptop down, get a life….blah blah blah.- These are the few quotes (some original, some translated for better readability ;-)) can be heard at home in my weekend hours.

I hardly used to go out on weekend this winter. But even if the winter is about to kiss its end, I have not changed the usual activities at all, it’s just like I have moved some blankets off my body, that is it. Glued to my laptop, I prefer killing hours. This weekend was no different, follows the list of tasks:

  • Online Challenges: Solved 1 from February Challenge in CodeChef and 2 from HackerRank’s Algorithm challenge.
  • Firefox: Contributed to FFX via twitter’s support. A bit irritating, but at the end of the day, it feels nice.
  • Movie: Downloaded the movie “My Sister’s Keeper” and recalled good old memories by watching the same.
  • Wikipedia: Edited Shibani Kashyap’s page. God, this needs so much citations, let’s see if I can cover it up next weekend 😉
  • Whatsapp: I have a Nokia Phone having a whatsapp app, but I don’t use (may be I am not that social :P). But I love contributing to whatsapp localization for Nokia symbian devices. Reviewed, answered and voted a number of leftover items. So much win, ain’t it?
  • Shabdkosh: Moderated and answered a few posts, since there are enough folks doing my job, I am well assured a visit once a week would suffice.
  • IRC rooms: gcc, Fedora-india, bash, firefox and so many. These are some nice places online where I feel so comfortable listening to their issues, socializing with them. You have interest? give it a try then.

So..in a way, i am so full of life…doing what I love to do….justified ??


Movie of the week : Konchem Ishtam Konchem Kashtam

Konchem Ishtam Konchem Kashtam is a typical family entertainer which has been carved in the lines of Siddharth’s previous movie “Bommarillu”, but has a different concept of storyline.  I am not a kind of Kuchh Kuchh Hota hai like movie’s watcher but this movie has something worth watching. The feel of the movie is same as Bommarillu (the first ever South Indian Movie in Telugu, i watched), but the story, screenplay and the direction look different in an innovative way. This whole movie revolves around Siddharth and his love Tamannah and the kind of circumstances they face from their elders, after falling in love. After Vishal-Shekhar, it’s Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy composing for a Telugu movie. They don’t unleash their full potential here, but it’s still an enjoyable album. The song egire egire reminds me youth oriented songs in chartbusters such as RDB and Yuva.

A still is here:

egire egire from KIKK

egire egire from KIKK

A total of 7.5 is there from my side for this movie out of 10 which makes it My movie of the week!!

About the movie: Wild Child

People may figure out my flavour of movies … i watch by this post about the newly WILD CHILD. In fact, i love to watch movies which are youth oriented …not like sci-fis or fake actions moies of Jackie chan or blah blah! My rating for this movie is 7.8 out of 10. What say you??

Nicholas Moore directs this tweeny bopper fish-out-of-water comedy starring Emma Roberts. Poppy (Roberts) is a spoiled Malibu brat, and the film opens with her wreaking havoc on her stepmother’s moving-in day. Her father (seriously, i don’t know who is he!)decides he’s had it with her wild ways and promptly packs her off to an English boarding school. Poppy arrives at Abbey Mount with blond extensions, a designer wardrobe, and plenty of attitude, and she is furious when she is forced to follow the school’s strict code of conduct. She is determined to find some way back to sunny Malibu. She soon befriends her roommates, a loyal, fun-loving troop of girls, who agree to help her come up with a way to get kicked out of school.

pappy, Abbey mount

poppy moore aka Emma Roberts

They devise a scheme for Poppy to get caught fooling around with the headmistress’ son, Freddie , but things soon go awry when Poppy’s rival Harrier tries to step in and foil her plan. Poppy is forced to make some big changes, and decide what it is she truly wants. Emma Roberts is perhaps best known as the niece of Julia, and her wide smile is indeed reminiscent of her superstar aunt’s, as is her feisty charm and likeability. This film is loud, silly fun, and it manages to send forth some very positive messages without sucking all the joy out of being a teen. It does touch on sex and underage drinking, so it might not be for the lower tween set. But for the older crew–this one is sure to be a sleepover favorite.

The girl Emma Roberts appers like a bug-fixer for me! This was the first movie i watched after midnight from 04:10 am to 06:30am.

The best thing i liked ig her is watching her doing an “Ew”while hanging on with her friends! Movie’s recommended as an awsum…still remembering that pretty rainy night when i saw it!