Predict the output!

Q. I have an error free C code, am writing for you. This code searches for the string “C+Trivia” in Google. Surprised, how it can be? #include “stdio.h” #include “stdlib.h” int main() {; char* str; printf(“C + Trivia”,str); puts(str); return 0; } Read more about this program here.

What is being returned?

#include “stdio.h” int main() { int i=10,j=20,k; k=addsub(i,j); printf(“k=%d”,k); return 0; } addsub(int c, int d) { int x,y; x=c-d;y=c+d; return (x,y); } it’s the value of y which is returned here, because return statement never gives error if you write more than one arguments to it separated by a’s the last argument which… Continue reading What is being returned?

A little C sip

Here is a code: #include “stdio.h” int main() { float a=4; int i=2; printf(“%f\t%d”,i/a,i/a); printf(“\n%d\t%f”,i/a,i/a); return 0; } i expected the output to be: 0.500000 0 0 0.500000 but unfortunately..itsn’t not the same. The reason is the first printf conversion is messed up a little leading the second printf to not work in a predictable… Continue reading A little C sip