Command line mp3 player in Linux

This post is after about a month long hibernation from my blog. I made my mind up to listen songs as i usually do (it contributes to my hobby). In fact, i was suffering with a headburst headache, so i thought songs might be the stress buster and good entertainer too. What striked my mind… Continue reading Command line mp3 player in Linux

proftpd: A unique ftp server on my UbuntuBox

This was basically a novice step by me to setup an ftp server locally, but i succeed! Proftpd is the professional FTP daemon. It can be found in Synaptic package of Ubuntu or can be downloaded via apt-get. Just install it and use standalone server. Launch it through console (see manual pages for documentation): neeraj@nee-pc:~$… Continue reading proftpd: A unique ftp server on my UbuntuBox

Turned my Ubuntu’s desktop as Fedora’s!

I always had a willing to turn my desktop as fedora’s desktop. In my UbuntuBox, the desktop doesn’t show the computer’s icon, the Home folder or the trash. But now, all are there in one go. Have a look: What say?? All you have to do is to install Ubuntu Tweak. Launch it from Applications->… Continue reading Turned my Ubuntu’s desktop as Fedora’s!

Artha – Open Thesaurus

Although Ubuntu and several other Linux Distros provide it’s own dictionary which connects online to give you the results. Meanwhile i was thinking of something like Wordweb in windows. I found one mail regarding the same ..i managed somehow to install Artha on my works good..and i love it… The open dictionary

Live desktop sharing through Yuuguu

Certainly, i was thinking about the desktop sharing on windows, i used to do this with what is called “Netmeeting” wayback in 2006. Now when i am using Linux, why can’t i do the same on my UbuntuBox. It is possible and today i installed Yuuguu It requires jre (Java runtime environment) to be installed… Continue reading Live desktop sharing through Yuuguu