Predict the output!

Q. I have an error free C code, am writing for you. This code searches for the string “C+Trivia” in Google. Surprised, how it can be? #include “stdio.h” #include “stdlib.h” int main() {; char* str; printf(“C + Trivia”,str); puts(str); return 0; } Read more about this program here.

Child process termination

I was roaming through the Interprocess communication in Unix when i found something which can be shared: i am just copying and pasting it here: Child Process Termination Once we have created a child process, there are two possibilities. Either the parent process exits before the child, or the child exits before the parent. Now,… Continue reading Child process termination

What is being returned?

#include “stdio.h” int main() { int i=10,j=20,k; k=addsub(i,j); printf(“k=%d”,k); return 0; } addsub(int c, int d) { int x,y; x=c-d;y=c+d; return (x,y); } it’s the value of y which is returned here, because return statement never gives error if you write more than one arguments to it separated by a’s the last argument which… Continue reading What is being returned?