Karma strikes

> Be me, Fall October
> After work, go to nearby park for running as in every damnn evening around 08:30 PM.
> Nice evening, park dimly lit, mostly dark(Park management in Vaishali area is crappy), nice cool breeze though.
> feelsGood.jpg

> start running, notice two 9yo-ish kids playing hide-and-seek
> “great going, buds! hardly see kids playing outside these days”
> youHaveMyApproval.png

> make 6 fine rounds of the park, sweat heavily in the start of the winter
> Time for some push-ups, but legs scream to take rest for a minute.
> Grab the closest park chair, panting with eyes closed, face up talking to angels in sky. Mildly cold wind blows my mind
> ohLordDatBreeze.gif

> hear footsteps approaching, meh..hell, I don’t care!
> Open eyes, no one in front in that darkness. Hear slight murmur behind myself; take a look like some alpha cop tracing a paranoid serial killer(too tired to be scared).
> jesusWhatTheHell.mp4

> That little chap is hiding in the dark bushes behind the chair.
> His friend is searching him all around the park and now approaching towards me.
> “You are going to be busted soon, bro“. I signal the fellow behind the chair.
> “Uncle please mat batana”. Pleads me not to tell his friend.

> last 15 years of my life rolls in my mind with super-ultrasonic speed. Realize I used to be a kid like him, addressing random people uncle/aunty/bhaiya/didi.

> Karma takes revenge. I am godamnn uncle now.

> cryingspiderman.jpg


By neeraj

a small contribution to my e-writing.. Connect via: skype: talktonee gtalk: neeraj.jnumca07 msn: bhu_neeraj@hotmail.com IRC: susenj

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