Horn not OK, Please!

“Okay, so you are waiting for the traffic-lights to turn green, let me wait till it turns green so that I honk the shit out of your brain.”
“Okay, there is a passage left right behind you, let me repeatedly blow my horn to come a few inches closer to you, I have a bike, so it’s my right.”
“Who are you, a damn pedestrian? Leave the goddamn footpath and zebra crossing, else I will have to honk forever. Don’t you see, I have a bike?”
“Okay, the vehicle next to me is an ambulance. Forget it, I pay the road-tax and I am getting late, let me overtake it by blowing horn.”

These are a few variants of what we encounter everyday on Indian roads, and that’s why we are like:

and then this history guy exclaims..

Yes you got it right, I am talking about traffic situations in India and excessive usage of horn. Exposure to sudden loud noise can affect our ear-drums to some extent, sometimes even worse.

What is the need of the hour:

  1. Prolonged horns should be penalized unless there is a real need.
  2. Use of pressure horns should also be penalized if blown near schools, offices or, hospitals.
  3. Driving license is the key. Once an Indian gets it, he feels himself as the king of road. The Driving license issuance should be strictly handled in every single city.
  4. Honking needs a special strict law, may be a section in traffic laws. It’s a normal scene when you see as soon as the signal turned green, everybody automatically starts honking, even after knowing that every single fellow is in hurry and no one will stop in that condition. Book such errant drivers and set examples starting from metro cities and then in others.
  5. In Michigan, you can’t use a horn unless there is an emergency. Much of a criminal offense, indeed it is.
  6. Some blow horn for the sake of pleasure, or to get attention of other drivers on the road. If found guilty, they should not only be penalized but their licenses should be withheld.
  7. If the laws can’t be strict, the enforcement should be much stricter. This should never be confused with the do the deed, pay a few rupees to the traffic cop and leave.

All in all, every Indian driver should at least learn basic etiquette of traffic. If everybody starts following it, there is no denial of the fact that we will not contribute to excessive noise pollution in our country.

So, from next time onwards, “Horn , NOT Ok, Please!”

By neeraj

a small contribution to my e-writing.. Connect via: skype: talktonee gtalk: neeraj.jnumca07 msn: bhu_neeraj@hotmail.com IRC: susenj


  1. The United States has honking much more under control… except in New York City. Ugh… so much honking, with so many angry people. I don’t think they get pleasure from it. It’s just a habit and perhaps addiction. It’s the normal mode of operation, despite fairly steep laws ($350 per honk?) it never gets enforced. So New York should be named “The City of Earplugs”. I knew Indian traffic was silly, but I didn’t know the honking problem existed there too. It’s hard enough to get peace and quiet in India as it is, from what I hear.

    1. Yes, I have never been to States, but my friends who visited, tell similar stories as you just did. $350 is a good amount, and I think a similar penalty should be made applicable here in India as well. Honking is a problem mostly in metro cities where there is enormous traffic consisting of mostly 4-wheelers and bike-riders. Needless to say, pedestrians feel a bit doomed when unnecessary persistent honks are made.
      Thanks for writing, Scott! Take care.

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