…and they say you have no life

Get up from bed, go meet relatives, be social for christ’s sake, damnn this internet, shut your laptop down, get a life….blah blah blah.- These are the few quotes (some original, some translated for better readability ;-)) can be heard at home in my weekend hours.

I hardly used to go out on weekend this winter. But even if the winter is about to kiss its end, I have not changed the usual activities at all, it’s just like I have moved some blankets off my body, that is it. Glued to my laptop, I prefer killing hours. This weekend was no different, follows the list of tasks:

  • Online Challenges: Solved 1 from February Challenge in CodeChef and 2 from HackerRank’s Algorithm challenge.
  • Firefox: Contributed to FFX via twitter’s support. A bit irritating, but at the end of the day, it feels nice.
  • Movie: Downloaded the movie “My Sister’s Keeper” and recalled good old memories by watching the same.
  • Wikipedia: Edited Shibani Kashyap’s page. God, this needs so much citations, let’s see if I can cover it up next weekend 😉
  • Whatsapp: I have a Nokia Phone having a whatsapp app, but I don’t use (may be I am not that social :P). But I love contributing to whatsapp localization for Nokia symbian devices. Reviewed, answered and voted a number of leftover items. So much win, ain’t it?
  • Shabdkosh: Moderated and answered a few posts, since there are enough folks doing my job, I am well assured a visit once a week would suffice.
  • IRC rooms: gcc, Fedora-india, bash, firefox and so many. These are some nice places online where I feel so comfortable listening to their issues, socializing with them. You have interest? give it a try then.

So..in a way, i am so full of life…doing what I love to do….justified ??

By neeraj

a small contribution to my e-writing.. Connect via: skype: talktonee gtalk: neeraj.jnumca07 msn: bhu_neeraj@hotmail.com IRC: susenj

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