Falling sick is wrong on so many levels

So..passed some days of agony, going through a series of bad incidents occurring to my body last week. Closed ones know I and they have touched several wood believing that i have never been and would never be hospitalized.

no..no..I seriously, am not going to iterate through those events happened to me and not going to boast how i came across fighting all that and writing them here because no one absolutely has a time to give a heed to these craps.

Well, this post of mine is a learning; Learnings are everywhere and we can actually learn through the diseases our body suffered so far.
1. A sick neeraj is a useless neeraj:
Yes, it felt so useless sitting and taking unwanted rest on a solitary bed in the hospital nearby my house. Those who have suffered lying on bed, watching the medical solution running drop-by-drop to their blood’s company through a plastic pipe; this in fact, makes you realise that yes, that’s why on earth you are supposed to be here in the hospital. In fact, this was my first experience of spending days in a cold house like a dead skin. 🙂

2. Phenomenology of Being sick:

Quoting what Siri said: “one that depends on temperament, personal history, and the culture which we live in.”

Very true, indeed. Nothing much to be explained here as it’s  so simple as Windows’ latest logo.

3. Nurses are more closer to God than the doctors:

Be it that South indian nurse, who kept reacting “Aiyoo Shri Krishna” with a sweet disgust on her face, on every idiotic activity of mine, be it the Safaiwala who used to come in the morning waking me up asking if he can quickly change the bedsheets and all, be it the mealwala, providing me a time-to-time meal near my bed or, the old maid who kept a check if I am not running out of drinking water–> folks, you are the real images of what we call, the God.

4. Sickness breaks your closed ones more than yourself:

Must admit that kins lost their sleeps just to hear a news that I am recovering from deadly Dengue.

5. Must not fall sick:

If I go by Rahul Gandhi’s ideology, the illness could be a state of mind. Dude, sometimes, it’s true but many a times, it’ s not.

Ab kya kare, delhi me dengue hum thode hi na laye hain.

Well…let’s have a quick look on a ragecomic freshly created.

Story of my life
Story of my life

By neeraj

a small contribution to my e-writing.. Connect via: skype: talktonee gtalk: neeraj.jnumca07 msn: bhu_neeraj@hotmail.com IRC: susenj


  1. Once is enough for anyone to experience dengue fever. I share this with you because dengue lurks to return in yet another phase. You now have an opportunity to share this with many others.

    If by chance you are a tea lover, or would at least dare to venture to try a new tea, camote (sweet potato) tea, is both preventative and cure. Camote is sweet potato here in the Philippines. CT is generously rich in nutritional health benefits which builds up and fortifies your own bodies natural immune system. Camote tea, like papaya leaf extract, quickly increases platelets and white blood cells.

    When my wife’s teen son contracted dengue fever, the attending physician consented to allow Kim to drink CT. In just 3/days he was ready for discharge. He was kept in the hospital an additional 2/days until we were able to wire transfer the full payment for his hospital bill.

    You need only to wash leaves of the sweet potato, boil 5/minutes, pour into a cup and let cool if fever is present, 3x/day, add nothing to the tea, drink as brewed for as many days deemed necessary. I drink a cup of camote or papaya tea every morning for breakfast. In the vegetable garden we now grow camote and papaya trees for the leaves and fruits.

    This I share as a fellow wordpress blogger /Nicasio Martinez

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