A meaningful pre-Holi evening

Hardly had time to write something…or rather didn’t get anything to press. As told by my ex-fairsex colleague, I usually press geeky things..ohh..thats true. But today is Holi ..of course..its Holi, a day, a holiday, and a holy day as well, so there is something i want to share . This day is kinda special for me..special in a way that it changed my perspective I had some 6 years  in a university hostel. But ..I do miss my BHU/JNU friends who made it joyful and colorful. Last Friday, we (me with my Nalanda friends) played a dry and herbal holi on/after office time. It was so much fun out there and i was going back home after greeting everyone a Happy holi. That’s where the real story began…

Since, it was a pre-Holi day, people from Delhi-NCR were commuting to their homes/native places. So, a general NCR employee can figure out the rush in evening at festival times  in metro stations, DTC buses and all sorts of commutes possible by Sheila Dixit’s grace, we have here. Anyway..I boarded the metro at MG Road station somehow, passing the one and half kilometres long queue. Since my whole body was drenched with colors, i ended up looking  like a clown; needless to say, few people in metro were surprised and kept staring at me , and two kids got scared as well, and stuck with their moms. “Just one more day chap!! Let Holi come, and you won’t even recognize your parents.”  i smiled at them and moved to a corner.

It took me around 20 mins to reach my destination by metro;  got down at Chhatarpur metro station to board a public transport bus which could take me upto Mehrauli. Waiting at the bus stop, 10 minutes passed…20 minutes passed..nothing came…but still had a hope that a bus would come otherwise hiring an auto in delhi is a tough idea. Finally, I found a DTC bus, I let others to board first, since my destination was hardly 10 minutes by bus. The bus was over-crowded, but I was not taking any chance to wait for another. I somehow bought a ticket, and began to move to the front gate. While I was about to get down,  I saw an old lady sitting at the front seat. I figured out that something had happened to her judging by her desparate face  and she was being consoled by other folks in the bus. The bus heading towards my destination, Ladosarai terminal, stopped at the red light. Then, I heard someone instructing that lady to get down here, take some bus or walk a kilometre. Not interested in the conversation, I waited for the lights to turn green, when i knew that she had to go to some hospital in mehrauli where her family was taking care of someone closed to her when she lost her way and unfortunately reached gurgaon. I could see no cellphone with her.  Time passed, the lights turned green and bus stopped at my bus stop in the very next minute. I got down, beside me that lady was getting down with a heavy bag with her, probably that might have contained some meal or clothings etc. for the victim in hospital. The bus passed, leaving her at the stop, but she didn’t know the destination and noone except me got down from that crowdy vehicle. I saw a kind of despair on her face, but i was in a hurry . i fidgetted with my cellphone and started to go when i noticed her in desparate help..i asked her, “kaun sa hospital jana hai aapko mehrauli me?(Which hospital in Mehrauli you want to go??)” knowing that might she not be answering my question. She very hopefully answered, “TB hospital beta!…mera something something….hospital…something something…gurgaon…something something…bahut der….something something…”. Her voice was not clear to me..but i understood what was she trying to say.. because there is only one Tb hospital in mehrauli, and then i recalled those voices..when people were instructing her to move there.  I recalled the venue and realized that it’s not far but it’s a bit hard for her to find. I said, ” aap mere saath chaliye..main aapko hospital tak chhod deta hoo, yahi paas me hi hai”(“you can come with me to the hospital, its nearby”). I was not sure whether She would come with me, because of the reason, the place Delhi is known for and thought if she sould say no..or made any excuses, i would  not bother myself for her anymore. But humanity is something that make you do these deeds even if they are worthless for you but matter to others. well..i am kinda inhuman..thats the other thing.. :), why should i mess my mind helping her to the hospital or rather i could have gone home as I had to take a bath soon. She told, ” haan beta…something something…hame nahi pata…something something…ladosari…mehrauli..something something”. I listened only that word “haan(yes)” and told her,”aaiye mere saath”(“Come with me”). I took her with me to the hospital. Since, I take long steps , i found her far behind me.So  I stopped for sometime until she reached me, and i asked,”hospital me koi hai?”(“Someone there in hospital..huh?”) damnn me…is it a question?? of course yes..or she is not going to enjoy holi over there. Rather..i should have asked who was there in hospital, any serious case etc. But being an unknown, perhaps that question was also a good one from my side.  She told ,panting,’haan beta…meri beti hai..something something…gharwale..something something…uske liye ye saaman le jana tha…nayi hoo..raste ka pata nahi beta…something something…ballabhgarh..”. I then figured out that her daughter was admitted there and that old lady had come from ballabhgarh.. near delhi..who boarded the bus which connects badarpur to gurgaon via mehrauli, so unfortunately she didn’t get down at Mehrauli and reached gurgaon, and came back from there. Anyway, walking some 200 meters distance, we reached hospital gate, and i saw her family members waiting for her at the gate itself. i said..”okay aunty..main chalta hoo”(“okay aunty…i am leaving now”). I saw a little sparkle of happiness in her eyes..i didn’t know whether it was for her family memebrs or for me..but it soothed me a lot. She said, “haan beta..something something”. She blessed me as she raised her hands before me and then i retraced my path back home. Even though i was not able to be of  much help to her, it made me feel good.

So, you see the manner my pre holi day was celebrated. Thank God, You make humans, but from where does this inhumanity comes, well..thats the question!


By neeraj

a small contribution to my e-writing.. Connect via: skype: talktonee gtalk: neeraj.jnumca07 msn: bhu_neeraj@hotmail.com IRC: susenj


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