7 reasons why i dont watch…

Disclaimer: The content of the post is author’s sole thought. Please mind scrolling down if you are a television addict.

If you see 6 years from my past, hardly i watched television for half an hour continuously. Being a computer science student, my UbuntuBox itself worked for me whenever i felt an urge for entertainment. As of now, when i have left my hostel room and residing with my bhaiya..the idiot box once again came into picture. Having been tired of 9 hours job, when you come to home, you are not going to strain your fingers on keyboard once again to catch up some fun. Needless to say, many sites are banned in companies, so there is nothing left for you other than your prime activity (“People call it work…ohh i do say”).

Moving ahead..i used to be a good TV maniac when i was a school guy or even before that period. Reason, VJs of MTV or Channel V! They used to teach me…what they taught, you may guess and let me know.  Still finding their lost shows on Youtube becomes my good time pass (who has got time to pass???..huh!) Well..when i usually, non intentionally, surf my tv with a pinch of salt hope that something will entertain me but unfortunately…

MTV/channel V/Vh1: are not aired by the Damnn Cablewalah.

Bhakti channels :Am i that aged to watch’em?

News Channels: Ohh..stupid me! Why dont i also start my news channel. Cover something silly with the camera and air them on regular intervals, such an easy job, isn’t it?

Sports channels: God! FIFA is over and Roger comes very rare so i have to wait for long to tune them

Hindi movie channels: Buddy…is there anything more sucking than a repeated hindi movie on the box?

English movie channels: Oh yes! can i watch them? but that needs concentration.

Comedy channels: it would be kidding if i write anything here.

Saas Bahu Channels: Thanks Ms/Mrs (I dont know what) Kekta Kapoor, for making one’s life a chewing gum and everything an action replay. You have washed not only women’s but also guys’ minds too with your daily soaps. Hats off to you!

Science Channels: Do they entertain really, when you are tired?

Oh! Did i forget to mention any other channel?

So..you might be thinking what the heck this guy is? Wait buddy…

There is something which is very very in vogue and that is Reality shows on television. Earlier, i heard the names only, now i am able to watch them and that why this post is being added. No doubt..people love it more than their personal lives (Correct me!). One such show i came to know about 6 years ago, “INDIAN IDOL” (There are many such shows, but let me restrict myself on this only). I am watching it for last three weeks or so and am trying to point out some things i noticed:

one: Even if you are a singer, don’t put your hands in joining such shows, because you may see your career as what the the first indian idol has right now and others are having (well…anyone knows who are other idols or better say idles, lol :)) So, probably you’ll not love to be an anchor rather than a singer.

two: If you are a good singer (you think, or your friends say), i would suggest to make it a hobby, not a profession. (of course Luck doesn’t favours all).

three: Judges involved in the show, they know what a fellow can do, but they have given job to speak fake reality. They are meant to fight among one another otherwise who the hell is going to watch. You can smell this rat, when everything is going peachy, suddenly you listen a different sound and the camera halts on one of the faces.

four: If you are a star and you have to promote something, please help yourself and contact Indian idol group, they will provide you the right platform.

five: Contestants, if they dont get a job of a singer, they at least get some popularity for a little timespan and needless to mention: some attractive suit or jewellary sets.

six: The channel gets popularity not by showing their talent but by showing the backstage footage.

seven: You spend one fourth of your showtime in watching their talents, and other time in watching silly quotes, votes prayer, judges’ idea and ugly ads.

So..do you think..it really worked for me?

Rather it caused me to write this post..rofl 😛

By neeraj

a small contribution to my e-writing.. Connect via: skype: talktonee gtalk: neeraj.jnumca07 msn: bhu_neeraj@hotmail.com IRC: susenj


  1. I really like the content and presentation of the topic. While i was reading, i fell like it’s my thought….. Nice work neeraj… Keep it up..

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