Aricent visit in my school

After a long span, i am writing my new post which is not techy in fact.
This is regarding my experience as a student coordinator on arrival of Aricent.
I had so many talks with the Aricent HR since the months of April-May and till now. But due to some reasons or other the things were not getting into shape. Finally, i somehow managed to invite it for recruitment in our campus on 13th Nov., 09. In the long run, the recruitment team arrived at our school in the morning at 09:00am. We had each and every sort of arrangements for that day. After a small talk, there started the pre-placement talk. Thereafter, there was a written exam (1 and half an hour) for which we sat and 14 qualified for the next round among 25. Then, there was a group discussion round for two teams of 7 students each. This was not an elimination round but the marks mattered in the last round that was interview, which lasted upto 7:30pm. Students were waiting for the results curiously. Finally, that time came when the HR announced 10 names of my friends who qualified for Aricent. I saw whole lot of crowd in a deep ocean of delight; but they didn’t know that the person who got immense pleasure from all that, was myself.
When this process was over, we made a warm see off with everyone in the team.

So, it was all about my experience..i hope it continues further.


One comment on “Aricent visit in my school

  1. Nice Post dost…
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