Redundant entries in GRUB menu: Solved

When you are not trying, you are not gaining anything!
That’s what i found to be authentic when i risked to change my GRUB menu in my UbuntuBox. I upgarded my hardy to jaunty a month ago, which left my system’s Grub list to show 3 copies of Ubuntu 9.04 including their failsafe modes and memtests options. I was certainly annoyed with this thing. But i recovered my original startup grub menu by following these simple steps:
#1: press alt+f2, write gksu gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst
it will show the menu.lst file in gedit.
#2: search for the string “#howmany=all”
make it “#howmany=1”
#3: save the file close it and go to terminal
#4: write ‘sudo update-grub’
it will update the menu.
restart the computer and see your previous grub!


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