Live desktop sharing through Yuuguu

Certainly, i was thinking about the desktop sharing on windows, i used to do this with what is called “Netmeeting” wayback in 2006.
Now when i am using Linux, why can’t i do the same on my UbuntuBox. It is possible and today i installed Yuuguu
It requires jre (Java runtime environment) to be installed on the system and the browser must be java enabled. It took about 15 minutes to install all these along with Yuuguu on my system. Now it’s working fine.
Have a look on my Yuuguu:

Yuuguu works!

Yuuguu works!

The Desktop sharing thing is very very cool. There are other things which are yet to explore. I send my thanks to my colleague Narendra for online help in testing. I will surely recommend it to the project managers.
I am waiting for the Yuuguu release which supports IRC account also.


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