Another sick thing occured..!

I don’t know…i didn’t have any intention of writing to my blog tonite…but always the sick things happened to me only. Well..i was out for the B’day party of one of my friends leaving my iPod Shuffle in charge with my PC. When i came at around 02:00am , it showed it’s charging (orange light was blinking). Since, i was going to sleep, i thought not to charge it any more, and unmounted it. Just for a check, i plugged in the earphones, and saw that it was not even being switched on. I was seriously got tensed and Googled right then for the cause. I found on Apple’s pages that it might happen but waiting for sometime (app.24 hrs.), it would be alright otherwise had to restore it.

I took a sip of cold water and just after 2 minutes or so when i tried to switch it on..viola!! favourite song appudo ippudo was playing into my ears. Of course, everything was alright and now i am going to sleep tight.


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