Saturday panic:lost my Desktop icons!

I was just working on my UbuntuBox this morning and just a copy paste from home folder to one of my drives let me loose my desktop icons at once…even the right clicking won’t work!
What happened exactly as i remember that there was a massage of force quitting the window which got freezed while copying. (My mouse is little faulty or sensitive you can say, a single left-click makes two or more left-clicks at that time..probably this might be the cause of frozen window, i know but i am not gonna change it since most of the time i use my keyboard) I simply clicked on ‘Force Quit’ option and stuck. All icons were gone, only the panels were showing. I thought it’s not a problem, after some time it would fix it up itself or a simple relogin would fix it, and thereafter i went to take my lunch. But in vain…! i tried a little Google right then and found that the Nautilus (the file manager of Gnome) had crashed. Took a deep breathe, press alt+f2 and put nautilus -n, and hit ‘enter’. My desktop was alright as previously.


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