Use your code online

Usually what people do while programming is that they:

a. Open a text-editor like notepad, gedit, Vim, Emacs etc. and write the code

b. Use any particular IDE (I prefer ecclipse for Java and Kdevelop for other codes)

But in case..suppose you are somewhere where you haven’t the facility of compiling or running programs of your desired language.

I hope you certainly go for downloading and installing the compiler/interpreter for the platform …this process becomes even worse when you are window user and got a linux/Mac system to work upon.Damn…

In these cases, i preferrably use codepad…put your code or copy/paste it from the source, run it! you can post your codepad links also rather than pasting your whole bulk code. A sample example from my pastes is here.

Why Codepad????

There are various pasting sites available but i don’t know how many of them provide their online compiling and excution property. If you know any better than this..please let me know. One more thing makes it a best choice of mine is that you can save your paste permanently and use your permalink as i have pasted the link above is permanent.


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