Karma strikes

> Be me, Fall October > After work, go to nearby park for running as in every damnn evening around 08:30 PM. > Nice evening, park dimly lit, mostly dark(Park management in Vaishali area is crappy), nice cool breeze though. > feelsGood.jpg > start running, notice two 9yo-ish kids playing hide-and-seek > “great going, buds! hardly… Continue reading Karma strikes

Falling sick is wrong on so many levels

So..passed some days of agony, going through a series of bad incidents occurring to my body last week. Closed ones know I and they have touched several wood believing that i have never been and would never be hospitalized. no..no..I seriously, am not going to iterate through those events happened to me and not going… Continue reading Falling sick is wrong on so many levels

Don’t grow up, it’s a trap

Starting a new blogpost requires self-contemplation, the courage and most importantly the “Time”. People exclaim with surprise “you are having enough time..ain’t it?” Well…i have time…and i don’t want to lose it that’s why I am here to speak out. It’s my birthday, the day when my parents saw me first, the day when i… Continue reading Don’t grow up, it’s a trap

A step towards upgrading myself to a human

“Bhaiya, ek bada bag de dena,ye to fat jayega”(Bhaiya, a bigger bag please, this one may get torn easily.)– I noticed a duck-faced girl reminding me of Nargis Fakhri  purchasing potatoes on a grocery shop where I was buying onions to prepare chicken curry this Sunday. “ye lo, madam ji!!” (Here it’s yours, madam!!)- said… Continue reading A step towards upgrading myself to a human

Macro prescan funda

I was just going through a community post and saw the following C problem, and reminded me of my college days, thanks to the post-maker! I managed to write this here; because it may come on Google search for others who are still confused with such problem. Hope my explanation helps!! Predict and explain the… Continue reading Macro prescan funda

7 reasons why i dont watch…

Disclaimer: The content of the post is author’s sole thought. Please mind scrolling down if you are a television addict. If you see 6 years from my past, hardly i watched television for half an hour continuously. Being a computer science student, my UbuntuBox itself worked for me whenever i felt an urge for entertainment.… Continue reading 7 reasons why i dont watch…